Heart of Gold

Once upon a time, a girl found a magic mirror. She asked, “Oh magic mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of all?”.
The mirror replied, “a person with a heart of gold is the prettiest of all”.
Girl – “Dear mirror, how do we get a heart of gold”? The mirror not wired to answer said no more!

The girl on a quest to become the prettiest, tried all she could… money, time and energy were spent. But to no avail! The mirror remained silent every time.

 Then one day, taking pity, God gave her a vision in her dream.

“Dear child, a person who is truly beautiful is one who looks not outward but inward in their heart…A person without vice like greed, jealousy, vanity, hatred is the one who is truly beautiful!”
The girl woke up with a smile, for she now knew the secret to be truly beautiful.

Here at Mitandio we strive to achieve a balance between our inner and outer person. We design with a passion to bring out the best in you. For if you are happy outwardly you are sure to be a step forward in becoming truly beautiful.


For Mitandio By Jeevan Sandhu



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