First class woman

Sophistication and confidence are two qualities that go hand in hand. Confident people have an expectation of the best in life, they seek constant self-improvement, and they will tell you that “anything is possible!”  Because they are so comfortable with themselves – with their strengths and weaknesses, they don’t waste time beating themselves up over imperfections. They don’t apologize and they exude a glowing look like none other. Just as they stand humbly firm with the knowledge that they are on top, they will not accept anything that’s not the best. They spend time to refine their own interests and passions and appreciate objects that have had time, research and effort invested in them to make them the best. They appreciate good food, music, clothes and many of the finer things in life. They embrace luxury and are not afraid of being judged for this. Even though sophistication is usually reflected by a person’s outward persona, one thing is for sure: without an inner confidence- a belief in oneself coupled with the determination to be the best, it would be otherwise impossible to reach that level of respect and admiration from others.

So get out there and hold your head up high! Tell yourself you are worth it. And don’t forget to treat yourself first class!

” Star Burst” –  This beautiful feather-light silk wool stole, delicately picked out in Swarovski crystals  is ideal for elegant evenings.

Available in other colors.


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