How do we define craft today in the global fashion market?

Is craft a new language for luxury?

A desire for authenticity, quality and craftsmanship is redefining our understanding of luxury. The term craft has been adopted as a validation of quality and value by brands. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for items with a history, story and heritage. The modern day artisan creating one off, bespoke pieces of design has led us to question the true worth of mass produced and manufactured products. At the luxury end of the market, it is the hand crafted, the bespoke item, which is now seen to have true value. There is a new type of consumer, who wants to support cottage industries and local produce. However, these products come at a higher price and therefore can be appreciated only by a certain type of discerning consumer.

Mitandio is more than a label! If you share our love for tradition, beauty and nature then Mitandio is designed for you. Our scarves are a token of the luxury and beauty culminating from the pairing of art and handcrafted fabric made by skilled North Indian artisans. Centuries of refined wool and silk producing methods have ensured the finest and most delicate quality. Each scarf is later digitally printed using environmentally friendly inks and reminds us of the amalgamation of old tradition and modern technology. Repay the knowledge, skill and time that go into the creation of every Mitandio scarf. Order a Mitandio for yourself or someone you love.

Live Chic. Love Mitandio.


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