FW 13-14 Trend Direction!

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Winter 13/14 Fashion Direction by Mitandio

–          Revolutionary and experimental

–          Colors: take on a visual language, inspired by the painter’s studio

–          The two talking points are – feminine winter pastels and the drive for wine hued reds

–          Also watch out for greens-they are growing in strength

–          Fibres:  just like last season definitely a wool season but one based on novelty finishes like brushing, fancy (Mouline and Boutonne) yarns, firm and compact or voluminous and soft finishes, and blends like alpaca for luxury softness, silk for luminosity and Lyocell and viscose for drape. Winters passion for embellishment also means more decorative fibers.

–          Fabrics: despite the drama, this winter, lies in highly ornamental and embellished fabrics (decorative jacquard’s etc), there is also an equally strong feeling for the comfortable and familiar, though certainly not dull.

–          Over-sized chunky scarves


Out of Africa

Animal with a twist, redesigned

Pastel tones


Mixed with florals

Electro beat – a techno light-show

Nothing stays still – blurring and distorted pattern

Acid house scene

We are looking at pieces, which attract attention in their use of reverberating digital pattern and astonishing radiant color.

High on energy, this is a trend full of joie de vivre and optimism

Colors – hot, vibrant and glowing – colors zing out of the dark spaces.


Designers explore the boundaries between reality and illusion, tricking the eye with trompe l’oeil creations where it becomes almost impossible to decide what is a cast shadow or the printed imitation of one.

Colours: Pink, Blue,Rich shades of plum, Forest green, emerald (Pantone color of the year), Ecru, Gray (dove to charcoal).

Painter’s Studio

New floral

Painterly effects


Checks and tartan from the Scottish highlands with a twist

Religious themes from the medieval period –  intricacy of Byzantine mosaics, patterns of medieval cathedral windows

Lace mixed with floral or animal print

Photographic prints from nature, skyline

Exuberant Floral Blooms

Regimented Pinstripes

Geometric Pattern Mixes

Psychedelic Pattern Plays

Painterly Illustrative Style

Coral and Sea Creatures

Undersea Gardens

Quirky Mix-ups

Conversational Prints

Delftware Inspired

Bouquet Arrangements

Tonal Blue Palettes

Opulent Border Schemes

Tapestry and Wallpaper Looks

Spice colored paisleys and Indian motifs




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