Fashion Secrets for Date Night

Its date night and I’m standing in front of my closet trying to decide what to wear.

“What should I wear?” Tick tock, tick tock…”What if I wear my little black dress?” or “Should I wear my nude louboutins with a black dress?” or “Perhaps I should keep it subtle?!”

Caught in this fashion dilemma, here are three fashion secrets that make the process of planning and deciding much easier…in my opinion anyways!

Vogue Girls Poster

  1. Picking the right color…

Ever consciously thought about the colors you choose to wear? Some use the seasons to pick the color; I simply pick a color that compliments my mood that particular night.

Red can indicate aggression and anger, but it can also capture attention. Ever heard the song “Lady in Red…”? Pink is a much calmer color than red, a great alternative! Yellow isn’t the easiest color to wear, but if you pick the right tone of yellow, it most definitely makes you feel young, cheerful, and excited about life. All shades of green and blue are great colors to enhance your tan; refreshing, cool and fun! Purple is the color of royalty, and is actually my favorite color this season! You can never go wrong with white…and black is always in fashion; urbane, sexy, and chic.

  1. Let your outfit do the talking…

Subtle differences in attire can make all the difference. It can influence your impression of confidence and success. You can go dressy, artsy, conservative or daring!
Pay close attention to your accessories: shoes, jewelry, scarf, clutch…the list is endless.

People respond more positively to those who are well put together, and present themselves as confident. Bottom-line: send out a positive message regardless of the outfit you choose.

  1. Stay in your comfort zone…

Don’t wear something that isn’t really you! Trying something fashion forward can take you outside of what you’re comfortable wearing…and that could make or break your night. If you never wear stilettos, why start now? If short skirts aren’t your thing, don’t wear them. Stay within your comfort zone so you look like you, and not an over-styled version of yourself.BeYOUtiful!


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