mitandio men!

We realized that many men we know have a hard time finding the perfect accessory to add a fun look to their outfit!

So our design team at Mitandio set out to create a collection using the finest quality silk and vibrant patterns.

Discover our unique and fun pocket squares.

Style Tip #1: There’s no steadfast rule for choosing a pocket square. It should simply complement your shirt and tie, not match them.

pocket slide 1 final logo

Style Tip #2: There’s no such thing as a dressy or a casual pocket square—it’ll take on the personality of what you’re wearing.

pocket slide 2 logoStyle Tip #3: It is a small accessory that when added to an outfit, allows men to express themselves and vary their look without having to buy a whole bunch of different suits.

pocket slide 3 logoStyle Tip #4: Be creative and learn different ways to fold them..#straight fold, #puff fold ,#pointed fold , #winged puff fold and much more!

pocket slide 4 logoSHOP NOW


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