Our Story

“Accessories have the magical power to cheer up even the most lifeless look”.

Our blog is the ultimate destination for all you fashionistas: from discovering the hottest scarf trends to tips on wearing them, as well as the moments that inspire our designs.


“Born amidst the dry savannahs of the Tanzanian Serengeti, I had a childhood quite unlike most of my contemporaries; In fact most of my childhood was spent shuttling between my ancestral home in India and my father’s wildlife lodge in the Serengeti. The sight of hyenas taking on a lion is quite uncommon for an Indian school girl completing her summer homework, but scenes such as these now serve as inspiration.

I moved to New Delhi in 1999 and enrolled at National Institute of Fashion and Technology (NIFT). After graduating, I joined Elle Décor Magazine as a stylist and a year later left to join a design studio in Delhi as a designer for scarves. 

Now I live in San Francisco, doing what I love best! Meeting awesome people, traveling the world and designing scarves. Here I am today, following my dream and passion.” ~ Jas Sandhu



“Born in Kenya, I spent my formative years in the “place of cool waters”, Nairobi. In 2005 my scenery changed when I moved to Canada to pursue higher education. I studied Life Sciences, majoring in Psychology, at McMaster University, and went on to do my MBA from the Schulich School of Business.

Equipped with my education, travels, and life between India, Kenya, and now Canada, I found pleasure in the diversity of people, intrigued by the many differences, yet surprising similarities. Having a love for fashion, I have found my inspiration in the many colors, cultures, and facets of humankind.” ~ Ruku Sandhu




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